What’s under the pavement.

Enwave owns and operates three modernized steam plants and the state-of-the-art cooling plant in downtown Toronto. Enwave also manages a large district energy plant in Windsor, Ontario. With 40 kilometers of pipes buried deep in the municipal rights-of-way, Enwave distributes steam and chilled water with exceptional reliability to more than 51% of the potential market in Toronto and to a significant portion of the Windsor market as well.

Enwave sells more than 2.5 billion pounds of steam each year to 140 commercial, government, hospital, university, and residential buildings in downtown Toronto representing over 40 million square feet of real estate.

Our network is growing

Enwave's district heating system consists of a growing network of underground steam and condensate return pipes. Currently this network spans a geographical area of approximately 25 square km in downtown Toronto. The pipes connect three steam production plants to each other and to customers' buildings. Enwave's system relies on 16 boilers with a maximum design capacity of 522 MWth and a maximum current capacity of 381 MWth.

Three downtown steam-generating plants

Enwave heats water to generate steam in efficient and low-NOx natural-gas-fired boilers at its Walton, Pearl, and Queen's Park steam plants. The thermal energy is then distributed through the company's extensive pipe network at a pressure of 200 psig (1.38 Mpa) and at a temperature of 375°F (191°C).

The steam cycle

After steam has been used for heating by customers in the newer, northern, part of the system, it is returned to the Walton Street Steam Plant in the form of condensate (warm water). Approximately 80% of Enwave's steam output is returned this way. Plans are underway to develop a condensate return network in the southern half of the system in order to further improve efficiency at the Pearl Street Steam Plant. Currently, the company has about 28 km of steam piping and 10 km of condensate return piping with plans to double the latter within the next few years.

Enwave's average annual peak load is approximately 337 MWth. We expect to add additional capacity from cogeneration projects planned for the coming years.