Environmental benefits

Enwave customers don’t just save big money.

Signing up as an Enwave customer fundamentally changes the way you heat, cool and think about energy – not to mention how staff, customers and the public view your business.

Enwave's ongoing impact on Toronto's environment
  • Electrical use reduced by 90% (over in-house chillers)
  • Electricity demand reduced by 61MW
  • Reduced coal-fired production at peak
  • Consumption reduced 85 million kWh/Yr
  • Eliminates use of ozone-depleting refrigerants
  • CO2 emissions reduced by 79,000 tonnes/year
  • Harmful NOx & Sox reduced
As a customer of Enwave, your company:
  • Stabilizes building HVAC budget by uncoupling from volatile energy markets
  • Solves issue of restrictive CFC regulation
  • Helps meet climate change and air quality objectives
  • Reduces lost time due to pollution-related illness
  • Demonstrates positive corporate citizenship
  • Facilitates focus on core business with reliable service from specialists
  • Differentiates offerings in office lease market
  • Taps a renewable energy source
  • Promotes conservation
  • Unloads strained wiring and generators
  • Creates cleaner air and improved health
  • Reduced burden on Health Ministry
  • Enhances Ontario’s reputation for innovation