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Deep lake water cooling

Downtown toronto is chilling
with enwave.

The strategic collaboration between Enwave and the City of Toronto has enabled the City's downtown core to embrace an alternative to conventional, energy-intensive air conditioning. Clean, well priced and highly efficient, Enwave's Deep Lake Water Cooling (DLWC) is the world's largest lake-source cooling system.

How DLWC uses Lake Ontario’s icy water as a renewable energy source

In winter, the surface of Lake Ontario cools to about 4° C. This cold water's density increases, causing it to sink. In summertime, the surface water heats up, remaining at the surface because it's warm, thus not dense enough to sink. No matter how hot the summer, the deeper water remains very cold. Over millennia, this phenomenon has created a permanent reservoir of cold water on the bottom of Lake Ontario.

Tapping the resource

Enwave positioned three high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes along the natural slope of the lake bottom to pump water from a depth of 83 meters and transport it to the Toronto Island Filtration Plant. There, the cold water is processed, then directed to Enwave's Energy Transfer Station at the city's John Street Pumping Station. At this stage, heat exchangers facilitate an energy transfer between the cold lake water and Enwave's closed chilled water supply loop. Once the energy transfer process is complete, the lake water continues on its path to the city's potable water system.

Only the coldness of the lake water is harnessed, rather than the water itself. Thus does DLWC provide a truly unique, green alternative to conventional air conditioning.

Among the many benefits to the city and the environment, DLWC:

  • Eliminates 145 tonnes of nitrogen oxide
  • Eliminates 318 tonnes of sulfur oxide

Downtown Toronto facilities online with Enwave's Deep Lake Water Cooling:

  • Air Canada Centre
  • MTCC North
  • Richmond Adelaide Complex
  • Adelaide Place
  • Royal Bank Plaza
  • One University Avenue
  • 145 King Street West
  • Steam Whistle Brewery
  • Union Tower
  • Maple Leaf Square
  • Trump Tower
  • Element Condominium
  • Commerce Court
  • Hbc Queen Street Bay Store & Head Office Tower
  • 151 Front Street West
  • Citibank Place
  • Bay Dundas Centre
  • TD Centre
  • Queen's Park
  • 777 Bay Street
  • Metro Hall
  • New City Hall
  • Old City Hall
  • Metro Centre
  • Marriot Residence Inn Hotel
  • RBC Centre
  • Ritz-Carlton Hotel & Residences
  • Toronto Rehabilitation
  • Mount Sinai Hospital
  • Munich Re Centre

What Torontonians and the world have to say about DLWC:

"This is a great environmental win for the City of Toronto... By finding such a creative way to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, we are improving the air quality for Torontonians, and setting an example for the world of how to build a sustainable city."
David Miller, Former Mayor of City of Toronto

"The Deep Lake Water Cooling project will protect the health of our citizens and reduce the need to use electricity from coal-fired power plants to cool Toronto's air."
Jack Gibbons, Chair, Ontario Clean Air Alliance

"This technology is going to be an example to the rest of the world."
Robert Kennedy Jr., Environmentalist

"The government of Ontario brought this state-of-the-art technology to Queen's Park...We're pleased to see the Hudson Bay Corporation added to the growing list of buildings that have embraced this technology, as we move forward to become a cleaner, greener, more energy-efficient Ontario."
Dwight Duncan, Ontario Energy Minister

To learn more about Deep Lake Water Cooling and how Enwave can benefit your building or business, contact Enwave's Business Development Services.